This week’s featured video was published by Planters Peanuts.  The company released the following video on social media this past week to preview the upcoming Supper Bowl Commercial that ends Mr Peanut‘s 104 -years of advertising campaign for peanut snack foods.The iconic peanut mascot dies in a blaze of heroism. Just when it appeared that Mr. Peanut would be crushed into peanut butter, he got roasted along with his famous nutmobile.  Since the video was released on January 22, it has been viewed 6,660,286 times. You can also see the wide reaction to the news on social media using the hashtag: #RIPeanut

Not only did the company pre-release their Super Bowl commercial through social media, but they also released a Memorial Video Tribute, “In loving memory of our legume legend, Mr. Peanut.


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