Thursday of last week, Agriculture was identified by Homeland Security as one of the nation’s 16 essential industries.  On Friday, March 20, USDA shared a press lease that included a video from Sonny Perdue, Secretary of Agriculture, that I wanted to make sure farmers and other segments of the ag industry in the region got a chance to view.  While much of America is shutting down and working from home, this is not the case for the entire food supply chain, which requires the continuation of hands-on work to feed the nation.

From the person that makes the equipment, that supplies the farmers, to the seed, the fertilizer, the farmers that go day in and day out to produce this food and all through the processing, and the packaging, and the logistics, and the stocking of the shelves, to greeting and checking out people – you are vital to our economy and you are vital to our needs of America having a strong food supply.  Sonny Perdue, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture


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