This week’s featured videos were produced by a Jackson County Farmer, Jim McArthur, of McArthur Farms, near Malone, Florida.  Jim has created a YouTube channel called “Funny Farm” to showcase the daily activities of their farm.  He is striving to find the right balance of educational content and comedy for everyone to enjoy.  There are quite a few farming YouTube channels, but very few that showcase the type of farming we do here in the Panhandle of Florida.  Jim promises that all of his content is “kid friendly.”  In fact, several of his videos feature his family being silly and having fun.  Enjoy two of his most recent videos: “Planting Corn,” and “We got a Fungus in the Oats!”  Thanks Jim for sending me the links, and for the work you are doing to educate people about what real life farm work is like in the Panhandle.

If you enjoyed these two videos, use the FUNNY FARM link to go to his channel and hit the subscribe button to follow the McArthur family as they raise crops and kids on their farm in Northern Jackson County. You can also use the “share button” on your favorite videos to share them with your Facebook or Twitter followers.



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