This week’s featured video is not really related to agriculture, but may farmers and ranchers also enjoy outdoor recreation, and this video is just fun to watch.  The Ford Motor Company published a video earlier this month to announce the return of a legend, the Ford Bronco.  This time the Bronco will be sold with a remake of the original 2-door, along with a new 4-door, and more family-friendly Bronco Sport.  Are these the perfect farm vehicles?  I doubt they will every replace the utility of pickup trucks on farms, but I can imagine that Ford is going to give some real competition to Jeeps for off-roaders, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts.  Mostly I wanted to share this because Ford did a great job of making a fun video with some great lines in it.  A vehicle built for the wild places, most urbanites only dream of, where there are no posted speed limits, that most of us only see on documentaries, etc.

If you enjoyed Ford’s introduction video, you might also enjoy their 11-minute premier video with more details about their new vehicle line:


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