Dr. Ann Blount, UF/IFAS Forage Breeder, coordinated with county extension agents across North Florida to establish warm-season annual forage legume variety demonstration plots, in the summer of 2020. Special thanks to Kelly Seed and Seedway for donating the seeds for these demonstration trials.

Doug Mayo, County Extension Director, and Ethan Carter, Regional Crop Agent, established an annual forage legume demonstration trial the last week of June, at the the Jackson County Extension Office, in Marianna, Florida.  On August 27, 2020, 63 days after planting, Dr. Blount and two graduate students visited the forage legume demo plots.  A video tour of the plots was created to provide a brief overview of eight different annual legumes that can be grown in the summer for grazing, baleage, or hay production in the Florida Panhandle.

More details about each of these annual forage legume varieties are available in an article published by Dr. Blount:

Annual Warm-Season Legumes for Pastures, Cover Crops, or Wildlife

If you would like to tour the legume demo plots in person, contact the Jackson County Extension Office to make an appointment 850-482-9620.  These plots will be terminated at the end of the month to prepare for a winter forage demonstration to be planted in October.

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