The last two weeks have been very challenging for farmers and ranchers in the Panhandle, after Hurricane Sally dumped feet of rain on farm fields and pastures from Escambia to Gadsden Counties.  Many may be wondering why they take this risk every year to earn a living.  I thought it was a good time to share this video published several years ago by Land O’ Lakes to serve as a reminder of why farming is truly a noble and essential profession.  The video, called simply “The Farmer“, illustrates with video footage the powerful words of a famous poem written by Amelia Barr in the late 1800’s.  The poem, is also called “The Farmer“.  The link in the name takes you to a website where you can read all of the words in the poem words including:  “The farmer’s trade is one of worth … For the farmer he must feed us all!”  I know this won’t fix the problems of 2020, but hope these powerful words will serve as inspiration in this challenging year.



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