The VRDEC (Visual Representation of Data for Evaluation and Comparison) Bull Selection Tools below show the sale lots in the Florida Bull Test Sale (Saturday 1/16/21). Each breed of bull included in the sale is shown on a separate VRDEC Tool.

The VRDEC tools provide a fast, simple way to see how a bull compares to the other bulls in the sale and the other sires in the breed for each genetic trait quantified in the Bull Test Sale catalog. The VRDEC Tools show the bulls ranked from “best to worst” for each genetic trait with key percentile values from the entire breed overlaid on the ranked lists.

There is an incredible amount of performance data (EPDs, Indexes, etc.) available for the bulls. The data is much less overwhelming if careful consideration is given to which traits really matter to your operation before the selection process begins. Only focus on traits that are economically significant to your operation. For more information on this see: Consider Genetic Merit When Selecting Bulls – It’s Worth It!

Notes for Utilizing the VRDEC Tools:

  • ` following a lot number indicates that the bull’s parentage has been genetically verified.
  • following a lot number indicates genetic parentage verification and EPD/Index values supported by genomic testing.
  • Lots shown in GREEN indicate EPD/Index values in the Top 10% of the breed.
  • Lots shown in BLUE indicate EPD/Index values in the Upper 25% of the breed.
  • Lots shown in ORANGE indicate EPD/Index values in the Lower 25% of the breed.
  • Breed averages and percentile values are based on the most current values available for Active Sires.
  • Click on images to make them larger. Links to Printable versions of the VRDEC tools are included at the bottom of the post.






There will only be one Simbrah and one Red Angus in the Bull Test Sale. The performance data and approximate percentile ranking within their respective breeds is shown above. The color coding system has the same significance as in the VRDEC Tools above.

Links to Printable VRDEC Tools

Hybrid Simmental (SimAngus)

If you have any questions about the VRDEC Tools, or you would like to have your own custom VRDEC created for another sale contact Mark Mauldin (352-317-7799,