This week’s featured video was published by the Ford Motor Company to introduce the F-150 Lightning, which is an all-electric pickup truck that will be available in spring 2022. There are quite a few innovations, including the ability to run power tools or electronic equipment from plugs at the front and rear of the truck. You can even power your house for up to three days, if the electricity goes out.  Another neat feature is that the electric motor is not under the hood, so there is a frunk (trunk under hood) to store luggage and tools in a dry, secure place.  The electric motor features tremendous power and acceleration, 0-60 in just over 4 seconds, 10,000 pound towing capacity, and a max payload of a ton.  No more gas, just recharge the battery each night at your house or barn for up to 300 mile range per charge. Electric motors have much fewer parts, and run much cooler, and efficiently than gas or diesel.  Plus this truck will be super quiet, so you can sneak up on that big buck with little motor noise.

I am sure all-electric trucks won’t take over the farm and ranch market any time soon, but it is exciting that the US car manufactures are starting too offer this new technology.  One of the key questions that will need to be addressed is where can you charge up when taking extended trips over 300 miles.  I am also not sure how long these batteries will last, and how much they will cost to replace?  How will they hold up in the mud and sand on Florida farms and ranchers?  These and other questions still remain to be answered, but I am sure that we will be hearing a lot more about all-electric vehicles over the next several years.  But for farmers and ranchers that seldom travel over 250 miles/day, not having to buy gas could be a real cost savings in the future.  It would take many years for a total conversion from gas/diesel to electric, but if these prototype vehicles are successful, they might become the farm vehicles of the future.


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