This week’s featured video was published by the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) to share a story on a crazy trend that started in the Netherlands called “Cow Cuddling” or “Cow Hugging” therapy. I have heard of people paying to swim with dolphins, or horse trail rides, dogs that visit hospital patients, but I never thought people would actually pay to spend time sitting in a pasture to pet, hug, and cuddle with gentle cows.  I am sure when your read the title of this post you thought this was a joke, but it is real.  In addition to this video, the Washington Post recently had an article about a farm in Scottsdale, AZ that gets $75 per hour for cow cuddling therapy and stay booked months in advance.  I guess it does make sense that this is a next level experience, so not just visiting a farm to see livestock, but to actually spend time in the field up close with them.  Obviously it would take some really gentle cattle to allow total strangers to walk up on them and cuddle.  Maybe this is could be a new income stream for bottle-fed calves?


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