The last week of June, forage specialists and county agents met in Live Oak, FL for the annual UF/IFAS Forage Worker’s Meeting.  This group meets annually to coordinate research and extension educational efforts to meet the needs of forage producers in Florida.  Part of the event also includes touring successful farms in the hosting area.  One of the tour stops this year was at Gaylard Farms in Obrien, FL, which is a multi-generation bemrudagrass hay and purebred cattle farm.  The Gaylard’s utilize an interesting machine to minimize the labor needed for producing and shipping truckloads of square bale hay called the Bale Baron.  The Bale Baron bundles 18-21 square bales and wraps the bundle in twine, so these bundles can be easily be stacked for transport from the field and storage in a barn, but were also designed to be loaded directly into a semi-truck van trailer two bundles high.  Watch the following video to see this interesting machine operate and the efficiency it creates for a large scale hay operations.


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