At the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s (NCBA) Cattle Industry Convention in Houston, Zoetis introduced a new data management system for cow-calf producers.  Performance Ranch is a new software program provided by Zoetis to be launched in 2022.  This week’s featured video provides a glimpse at how this new program will work to provide access to herd records from your phone or computer.

Performance Ranch helps cow-calf producers easily capture health and performance data, manage costs, and track herd inventory in real time. The new cow-calf management software joins the Performance Beef platform, expanding the software solutions developed by Performance Livestock Analytics for cattle producers. The easy-to-use software provides users insights to make informed decisions across financials, nutrition, genetics and animal health. Users are able to access real-time data and see variations in performance to make more informed and earlier decisions on the health and marketability of their animals. “Data shouldn’t be hard. We’re all pressed for time,” said Scott Cherne, Owner and Cattle Producer, Cherne Angus near Guttenberg, Iowa. “Performance Ranch will allow you to enter as you go, keeping it simple and efficient. You can track everything chuteside or from the pasture in real time, without having to enter it in a spreadsheet or recall what you did later that day.”  Source: Zoetis News Release


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