V1 Ranch Rover

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I am certain that many ranchers and cowboys have daydreamed about utilizing robots to handle routine farm chores.  This week’s featured video was published by Smooth Ag Solutions to share the prototype of their V1 Ranch Rover.  The V1 Ranch Rover can deliver feed using a guidance program with no operator.  The video shows a prototype machine in operation, but once they start commercial production will offer a 4-wheel drive buggy powered by a 25 HP generator and GPS guidance that can deliver up to 2,000 pounds of range cubes on each trip.  Like many of the new autonomous machines being developed for agricultural operations, the V1 Ranch Rover is programmed to follow a set path on the ranch utilizing GPS tracking with obstacle detection, so it won’t run over cattle, or fences.  The company hopes to start producing and selling commercial units later in 2022.  Watch the video to see this innovative equipment in action.

Smooth Ag. Solutions is excited to begin the launch of the V1 Ranch Rover.  The Ranch Rover is an autonomous ranch vehicle with the purpose of providing aid to the ranch operation in the form of feeding, livestock monitoring, and data collection. Smooth Ag Solutions


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