Dr. Hardeep Singh- Cropping System SpecialistDr. Hardeep Singh recently joined UF/IFAS as the new Cropping Systems Specialist at the West Florida Research and Education Center (WFREC). He filled a position recently vacated by Dr. Mike Mulvaney.  Prior to this position, Dr. Singh worked as Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Agronomy at Kansas State University. Dr. Singh obtained his B.S in Agricultural Sciences from Punjab Agricultural University, M.S. in Horticultural Sciences and Ph.D. in Crop Sciences from Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Singh’s research focuses on utilizing a systems approach to enhance and evaluate the sustainability, profitability, and delivery of ecosystem services of traditional agriculture (row crops) and emerging cropping systems. His research program focuses on developing improved integrated crop fertility management tools and technologies for increasing the sustainability of cropping systems in the Southeast. Much of his work centers on nutrient mineralization and improved nutrient synchronization to increase nutrient use efficiency and reduce losses to the environment. Additionally, his work incorporates enhanced efficiency fertilizers, precision agriculture applications, crop physiological responses to fertility, and utilizing cover crops for improving soil health. Although his focus is on crop fertility, his program will also be responsive to critical industry needs. This necessitates research on critical topics that affect existing and novel cropping systems for the region, such as disease management, genotype evaluation, basic agronomy, phenology tracking for modeling purposes, and precision agriculture applications.

Hardeep Singh