This week’s featured video is a sad one, as we lost a great entertainer of the cattle ranching industry.  Baxter Black — the cowboy poet, philosopher, humorist, and large-animal veterinarian died at his home in Benson, Arizona at the age of 77, on June 10, 2022.  I thought it would only be fitting to share his own poem he created called “The Eulogy of a Cowboy” to remember this fine fellow that made us all chuckle, laugh, and ponder through his years of writing, presentations, and later videos to share his unique view of the world through the eyes of a creative veterinarian/cowboy from the Southwestern US.  Rest in Peace Baxter knowing you touched the lives of cowboys, ranchers, and farmers all across this country.  We will miss your poems and stories.

Baxter Black – DVM, Cowboy Poet and Story Teller 1945 – 2022


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