This week’s featured video was produced by Farm Progress Daily for use in a recent article in SE Farm Press to highlight a prototype ultralight aircraft that is being debuted at the 2022 Farm Progress Show, in Boone Iowa next week.  The Ryse Aero Recon is an all-electric six-rotor ultralight aircraft that can fly up to 400 feet of elevation, with a top speed of 63 mph and an approximate flight time of 25 minutes, before recharging the six batteries. Basically it looks and flies like a drone big enough to carry a person.  Because it is an ultralight, a pilot’s license is not required to fly this machine.  Mick Kowitz, founder and CEO of Ryse Areo Technologies is thinking one of the primary users of this type of machine will be farmers and ranchers.  Farmers can check fields and cattle herds from the air much faster than using ground-based vehicles.  The company plans on building 100 machines in 2023, with greater production after that.  Imagine jumping into the Ryse Econ to check on things around the farm with no gates to open and no rough farm roads to traverse.  The only thing missing is a jump-seat for the dog, kids, or grand-kids to ride with you.



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