This week’s featured video shares an innovation for crop irrigation.  Rain 360 is an autonomous (self-driving) irrigation unit that can apply up to 1/2″ of water per week in a 160-acre field, 3/4″ per week in a 100-acre field, or 1″ per week in a 80-acre field.  The Rain 360 unit uses GPS guidance to follow the same path as the planter.  The unit utilizes a 3″ hose that connects with a well or other water source and applies a band of water at the base of the crop rows. This unit can also be used for fertigation.  The Rain 360 creeps across a field at 0.4 mph day or night with either a 60′ or 120′ boom that can apply up to 215 gallons/minute to boost crop yields.  Because it is self-guided it can even be used in irregular shaped fields as well.  Watch the video to see this innovative machine in action.  Thanks to Kacey Aukema, UF/IFAS Extension Walton County, for sending the link to share this week’s video.



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