Super Bowl LVII was a fantastic football game, but if you are not a big NFL Football fan and tuned in just to watch the commercials and halftime show, like some of my family did, the advertisements were not that entertaining this year.  There was one very clever and truly funny advertisement however, that was produced by RAM Trucks.  Ford introduced the Lightning Truck in 2021, which is an all electric vehicle (EV), and more recently Chevrolet followed suit with the release of their Silverado EV pickup truck in 2022.  RAM is also working on an EV Pickup but has not released information about their prototype yet, so they created a Super Bowl advertisement to poke fun at their competitors.  They used the theme of male performance enhancement drugs to suggest that their EV Truck will be much better (more masculine), so it will be worth the wait for the RAM EV release in 2024.  They were hinting that their competitors developed inferior products to what RAM is still working to develop.  No matter what your stance on the big three automakers and the push to sell all-electric EV trucks, the advertisement was both clever and very funny.



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