This week’s featured video was published by the Bird Control Group to highlight the Avix Autonomic laser bird deterrent.  The laser is programmed to continuously move in an area and scare off but not harm wild birds.  They also sell a manual, hand held  model that can be used when needed as well.  Watch the video to see this interesting innovation designed to reduce crop and feed losses, reduce disease spread, and minimize messes from wild birds on farms or other structures.

Bird Control Group committed years of research to develop an innovative laser beam technology with patented features that allows the best bird repelling capabilities. Birds’ most developed sense is sight and they perceive laser lights on the green spectrum like physical objects. So when the laser moves toward the birds, it triggers their natural fight or flight instinct, making them flee.  Our state-of-art laser bird deterrents reduce bird’s presence by more than 70%, providing a very effective, sustainable, and neighbor-friendly solution to your bird problem.  Bird Control Group



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