This week’s featured video was published by Florida Farm Bureau to highlight a farm in Calhoun County.  Crooked Creek Farms, Altha, Florida is owned and operation by Beaver (Steve) & Michelle Yoder and their four daughters, who recently received This FARM Cares recognition as part of the statewide the County Alliance for Responsible Environmental Stewardship (CARES) Program.  Beaver and his family operate a backgrounding and stocker cattle operation on owned and leased farmland in Calhoun and Jackson Counties.  In the video, Beaver shares, “BMPs are Best Management Practices that we are not required to do but want to do to protect the sustainability of their family farm.  Sustainability means that all three legs of the triangle are in balance between societal benefits (food production), environmental benefits (water recharge and wildlife habitat), and the business side (profitability).  If one of these is out of balance there is no sustainability.”  Watch the video to hear the story of this cattle ranching family in the Florida Panhandle who truly cares about the long-term, sustainable future of their family farm.


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