On August 24, 2023, the West Florida Research and Education Center (WFREC) hosted an Extension Farm Field Day that brought together farmers, researchers, and agriculture enthusiasts for a day of learning, networking, and celebrating the agricultural innovations of the region. This event focused on discussing insect, nematode, nutrient, weed, and disease management for cotton and peanuts, as well as variety updates. Additionally, experts discussed the upcoming cotton STEP competition starting in 2024 at WFREC. The Extension Farm Field Day wasn’t just about theoretical knowledge; it also included practical demonstrations and a spray drone demonstration.

The program started with the field tour at 8:00 am CST. There were five outdoor talks and three indoor talks and each talk was approximately 25 minutes. The event had a record high attendance of 144 attendees joining us for the event despite the high temperatures that day.

All speakers provided handouts to attendees so that they could follow along at the stops. If you missed the WFREC Extension Farm Field Day, we have compiled a short video where experts/speakers provide a brief update about their talk.

All of the Field Day handouts provided by speakers are linked below and labeled by speaker and topic.

Dr. Zane Grabau – Nematode Management
Peanut Nematode Management
Cotton Nematode Management

Dr. Barry Tillman – Peanut Variety Update
2023 Field Day Peanut Varieties

Dr. Hardeep Singh & Ethan Carter- Nutrient Management in Cotton
Cotton Nutrient Management Trial

Jennifer Bearden- Sprayer Nozzle Selection
John Deere Nozzle Chart
Teejet Nozzle Chart
Drs. Ian Small & Nick Dufault – Disease Management
Peanut Disease Management
Hardeep Singh