This week’s featured video was published by Shade Haven to highlight their portable livestock shade equipment.  Shade is very important for managing heat stress in grazing cattle.  Shade Haven’s portable shades allow producers to move shade to where the cattle are grazing and also prevent nutrient build up from permanent shade structures or trees.  Rotational grazing is a key management technique to optimize forage production, but can be challenging if shade is not available in every paddock.   After several hurricanes have hit the Panhandle, having adequate shade in every pasture has been more difficult.  Portable shade structures are one option to deal with that challenge.  This type of equipment might also be included in conservation cost-share applications, because it allows producers to reduce nutrient concentrations from manure and urine deposition in shaded areas.  There are other manufactures that offer portable shade systems, so I would encourage you to look at other options before purchasing specific equipment.


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