I have gotten a few calls lately from farmers or homeowners that have a colony of bats that have moved into a barn our outbuilding.  This week’s featured video was published by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and provides information about how to exclude bats from a building. There are 13 bat species that live in Florida who are always looking for dry, protected places away from predators to roost or nest.  Unfortunately, sometimes the places they find to roost are human built structures instead of in caves or trees.  Bats are protected species in Florida, so  the primary way to manage unwanted bats in buildings is to exclude them.  You do have to be careful to avoid maternity season from April through August, when female bats are congregating and rearing young. You also don’t want to simply seal up all the holes you find, as you can trap the bats and create more problems, especially if they search and find an exit on the inside of your home.  Watch the video to learn more about excluding bats from buildings.  FWC also has a webpage dedicated to this topic: Bats in Buildings that includes this video, along with additional information on the subject.


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