This week’s featured video was published on the Field Rows YouTube Channel to share the highlights of the opening day of peanut planting season at McArthur Farms, near Malone, Florida (Jackson County).  Jim McArthur has regular content on this channel to share the experiences of his family and farm crew as they farm peanuts, cotton, and other row crops together.  In this video, you can see their planting equipment in action for the first time in 2024, and a few of the issues that arose and the always needed adjustments in the first field planted.  You can also see a new machine they purchased in action, the Lemken Heliodor, that discs and levels ahead of the planter.  I thought this was a great video to share to kick off the 2024 peanut season.  Be sure to subscribe to the Field Rows Channel to see other videos from Jim and his team throughout the entire growing season from planting to harvest.


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