This week’s featured video was published by KARE News 11, Minneapolis, Minnesota to share something unique in their area.  Mike Nistler, Cold Spring, Minnesota, planted a Lilac Labyrinth (maze) on the edge of his farm 20 years ago near the highway.  Annually, Nistler invites the public to visit while the lilacs are blooming.  Now the lilac bushes are over 10 feet tall and offer visitors a leisurely walk through a fragrant maze, which tends to be in peak bloom over Memorial Day weekend.   Nistler does not charge visitors but instead offers an annual cause and collects donations.  Lilacs don’t grow in our area, but I thought this type of idea could be a great addition for agritoursim farms.  Unlike corn mazes that must be replanted every year, Nistler created something that he can simply maintain annually in a set location. 


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