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FDACS is making changes to how restricted use pesticide applicator license exams are administered. There will be a three-phase transition from UF/IFAS Extension offering the exams to FDACS assuming these tasks over the next 18 months.  Credit: Doug Mayo, UF/IFAS


Ethan Carter & Julie McConnell, Regional Extension Agents, Northwest Florida District

UF/IFAS Extension has historically been the primary pesticide exam administer on behalf of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS), but that contract will be ending soon. There will be a three-phase transition from UF/IFAS offering exams to FDACS assuming these tasks over the next 18 months.

Phase I

Through December 30, 2024, paper (scantron) or online exams on designated pesticide exam laptops can be given by an approved exam administrator at a UF/IFAS Extension Office or Research & Education Center. Exams will be available as part of educational workshops, scheduled group exams, or by appointment.

EverBlue online exam proctoring will continue to be available for applicators who wish to take exams on their own equipment at their convenience for an additional fee. This service has been in place for several years and is still an option.

Phase II

As of December 31,2024 paper exams administered by UF/IFAS will no longer be an available option at County Extension Offices.

All exams will be administered electronically through the following two platforms from January 1, 2025, through September 30, 2025:

1) Designated pesticide laptops at select UF/IFAS Extension Offices by appointment only. Not all Extension Offices have this equipment available, so you must check with your local office and find out their testing schedule and capacity.

2) Testing with your own equipment using the private EverBlue platform (additional fees required).

Phase III

In October 2025, the UF/IFAS Extension pesticide testing computers will no longer be compatible with pesticide exam software. This option will be eliminated and applicators will need to schedule exams with private exam proctoring companies designated by FDACS.

FDACS is currently soliciting bids from professional testing services to provide both remote proctored exams (those you take at home) and physical test centers distributed throughout the state. The timing, availability, and provider of these services are to be determined by FDACS and their contractual team. As more information becomes available it will be shared.

In order to help stakeholders with this transition, the UF/IFAS Extension Panhandle Agriculture and Horticulture Teams will be teaching a greater number of fall pesticide exam prep classes than usual to allow applicators the opportunity to test by paper exam prior to their discontinuation in December 2024.

Some of these classes offer CEUs and others do not – please consult the lists below for specifics.

Exam Prep and Exams (NO CEUs)

Exam Prep and Exams (CEUs OFFERED)

For more information, contact your local Extension Office.


Ethan Carter