Monthly Archive: March 2013

Avoid the Dreaded “Volunteer Burnout”

Spring and summer seasons can seem like a busier time than normal for 4-H volunteers.  Between 4-H/Tropicana, shooting sports matches, volunteer trainings and upcoming summer day camps, 4-H becomes a world of its own with wonderful youth development opportunities to teach needed life skills to our youth.  However, with the busy season approaching, concern of …

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Let’s Go Back Outside!

Many youth today are suffering from a serious, preventable disorder that is the result of early age experiences and if not properly diagnosed or treated, may cause severe mental health issues up through adulthood.  This disorder I’m referring to is called Videophilia.  Videophilia can be described as the love of any form of electronic media.  This media …

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4-H Volunteers Reporting on Child Abuse and Neglect

  As members of a youth serving organization it is important that adults are aware of their responsibility for child safety. Our hope is that all children will live in a safe environment, but we know that children are exposed to neglect and abuse. We have a responsibility to educate ourselves and the children with …

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