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The month of March is here and therefore Spring is in the air.  Our Cloverbuds are anxious to be outside with the warmer weather so a craft that has them up and about would be a perfect match.  One of my all-time favorite Cloverbud crafts is the perfect activity for this time of the year, especially right before the Easter season.  The project outcome will be perfect for your Cloverbuds to share with their families!


For this very simple Colorful Cloverbud Craft, you will need the following materials:

  • large outdoor space that is okay to get painted and messy
  • medium –large paint canvas per Cloverbud
  • a means to lean or stand up your canvases (a cement block behind each canvas works well)
  • bright neon tempura paint colors
  • 6-12 eggs per Cloverbud
  • 1-2 sheets of tissue paper
  • scotch tape


Prior to conducting this activity with your Cloverbuds, you must do a little preparation with some of the materials.  Cut a dime-size hole in each eggshell and remove the egg.  Wash the eggshell with soap and water and allow the eggshell to dry.  Once dry, fill the eggshell 2/3 full with a bright color of tempura paint.  Cover the hole with tissue paper and lightly tape closed.  Place the egg back into the egg carton.  Repeat until you have 6-12 eggs for each Cloverbud, depending on the size of the canvases.


Instruct the Cloverbuds in advance that they are to wear old clothes and shoes for this activity.  Safety glasses are recommended for this activity.  Set the canvases up in a line.  Have the eggs several feet back from the canvases.  Instruct the Cloverbuds to toss the eggshells one at a time at their canvas, allowing the eggshell to splatter on the canvas and then drip down before picking up and tossing another one.  Allow each youth to toss one egg at a time so there is no confusion and they can all watch each other’s painting being made!


This craft invites Cloverbuds to expand their creativity by choosing colors to mix and blend on their canvases.  By encouraging unstructured painting, youth are allowed to explore, experiment, and create art in a non-threatening and non-judgmental environment, fostering their creativity in a group that they feel safe and comfortable in.


Younger youth are continuously working on physical competencies at this age and stage of development.  This Cloverbud activity assists in the refinement of gross motor skills such as throwing the eggshell at the canvases.  The physical action of aiming at the specific area of the canvas with the eggshell is working towards the development of fine motor skills.


During reflection at the end of this activity, when all Cloverbuds share their final paintings with each other, youth are working towards developing increased social competence and communication skills.  By having youth express how they enjoyed the activity, what they liked best, receiving positive feedback from peers and adults, and speaking before a group, they are increasing their ability to speak in front of others.  By making them comfortable in a group that they feel safe, they will be more confident in themselves and their abilities at an early age.

With this bright and beautiful Cloverbud craft, the finished project makes a wonderful exhibit for each Cloverbud to present to their family for the spring holiday season.  It is a great reminder for youth to show their efforts, explain to others what they learn in 4-H, and practice their communication skills.

To find out more information about other 4-H programs like this or volunteer your time to work with youth, please contact your local UF IFAS County Extension Office, or visit

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