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Name: Yolanda Goode
Date registered: October 13, 2011
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4-H Youth Development Agent for Gadsden County

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  2. Northwest Teen Retreat 2017 — December 1, 2016
  3. DIY Gratefulness Tree Tutorial — November 23, 2016
  4. ‘My Head to Clearer Thinking:’ Managing Stress — January 22, 2016
  5. 4-H Grows Creativity through Robotics Programs — October 23, 2015

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4-H Livestock Projects Teach Financial Literacy

Green and white are the colors of 4-H but what else can you think of that is green and white?  Money! So, how does 4-H livestock projects teach financial management for the youth who participate in these programs?  I am so glad you ask.  We will take a journey into the 4-H Livestock world where I …

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Northwest Teen Retreat 2017

Interested in meeting other 4-H teens across the district?  Do you love camp?  Would you like to be more prepared for state events like 4-H Legislature or 4-H U?  What about scholarships for college?  If any of these questions caught your attention, then Teen Retreat is tailor made for you!  Last year, a committee of …

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DIY Gratefulness Tree Tutorial

Have you ever heard the saying, “take time to stop and smell the roses?”  With the hustle and bustle of daily life, this can be easier said than done!  However, according to several studies, being intentional about gratitude can benefit you both physically and mentally.  A Gratefulness Tree is a fun and creative way to …

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‘My Head to Clearer Thinking:’ Managing Stress

“I pledge my head to clearer thinking” is part of the 4-H pledge. Clear thinking helps us to make wiser choices/decisions but when we are under a lot of stress our thinking can be cloudy and our bodies can experience short and long term negative effects. Some consider me to be one of the most …

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4-H Grows Creativity through Robotics Programs

Everyone has a measure of creativity in them but how we express our creativity is our choice. What is creativity? I am glad you asked. Creativity is defined as the ability to make new things or think of new ideas. Creativity can be expressed in a tangible or intangible way. It is also the ability …

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Having Fun While Being Safe with Fireworks

They wiz, sparkle, pop and twirl. They thrill and sometimes scare us. Do you recall the first sparkler that you got to hold? Was it an exciting, magical experience, or did you get burned?  Do you really know how hot a sparkler can get?  Most children are rarely concerned with safety,  It is up to the adults …

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The Heart of a Handwritten Note: The 2nd “H” in 4-H

A handwritten note or card can express one’s gratitude, thankfulness, care, or encouragement and has not gone extinct even in this age of technology. Just think about the last time you received a personal handwritten note from someone. You may have gotten emails, texts, or posts relating to the same event and you appreciated it …

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From the Heart

February has long been associated with heart related events.  Of course, there is Valentine’s Day, a day of love.  Additionally, the full month is devoted to a focus on heart health.  Continuing on this heart related theme, I want to focus on generosity.  Generosity is one of the four essential elements for youth development.  It …

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