Heaves – The Horse Version of COPD

Heaves is a non-infectious respiratory disease of horses that is similar to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in humans. It is considered progressive, and degenerative. That means it will never go away completely and each bout will get progressively worse.

There are a number of forms relative to cause, but they share similar symptoms. Horses …

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Barn Bugs: Insects in the Outbuildings Can Still Be a Problem

By August’s languid days, farmers and farm workers in north Florida have done battle with an almost endless array of destructive bugs in fields and pastures. Thrips, aphids, mites, nematodes and many more have all marshaled against successful agricultural production.

Hopefully all have been repelled. While the focus has been on the defense of productive …

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UF Research Study Confirms that Calm, Cool Cattle are More Productive

Brad Buck, UF/IFAS Communications Services

Cattle are a little like humans: They are more productive when they are cooler. With cattle, a cooler body helps with meat and dairy production, new University of Florida research shows.

Cows with shorter hair are cooler, and thus, more productive,” said Raluca Mateescu, an associate professor of …

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Escambia County Equine Field Day – September 8

The Escambia County Equine Field Day is a hands-on learning opportunity for horse owners and enthusiast in the western Panhandle of Florida. Participants will be educated in the areas of equine vaccinations, hoof & leg care, nutrition, pasture weed control, exercise physiology, and other relevant topics. Industry professionals, extension faculty and a local veterinarian will …

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2018 Florida Pecan Field Day – September 13

The annual Florida Pecan Field Day and Florida Pecan Growers Association Annual Meeting will be held on September 13, 2018 at the Jefferson County Extension Office, 2729 W. Washington Hwy, Monticello, FL. Registration begins at 8:30 AM EDT and the program will begin at 9:00. Topics to be discussed include: insect and disease management, herbicide …

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2018 Southeastern Hay Contest Entry Deadline – September 20

Dennis Hancock, UGA Extension Forage Specialist

It’s time again for producers from all around the Southeast to compete for who has the best hay/baleage around! Winners of the 2018 Southeastern Hay Contest will be announced on the first day of Sunbelt Ag ExpoOctober 16, 2018.


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Friday Feature: Cows Assist Deputies with Car Thief Arrest

This week’s featured video was published by USA Today to share the highlights from a recent Seminole County Florida Sheriff Department case.  A helicopter with a night-vision surveillance camera captured some amazing video footage of a car thief trying to escape arrest through a cow pasture.  The female suspect jumped out of …

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Managing Carbohydrates from Grazed Pastures for Horses with Metabolic Disorders

Marcelo Wallau, Lori Warren, Carissa Wickens, Jose Dubeux and Doug Mayo, UF/IFAS Extension

As extension specialists, we are often asked about nonstructural carbohydrates (NSC) in forages and the potential risks grazing poses to insulin-resistant horses. Numerous blog posts and reports have been written on the topic, alarming horse owners everywhere. However, for horses …

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Poisonous Plant? Take a Closer Look, but Not Too Close!

During summer and fall, a lot of us spend hours trekking through forested areas and pasture lands, either for work, if we are lucky, or by simply enjoying the great outdoors. Unfortunately, there are not-so-nice life forms that also enjoy this time of year, like poisonous plants. There is a long, long list of enemies when …

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Time to Order Winter Forage Seed and Ryegrass Seed Comparison

Dennis Hancock, UGA Extension Forage Specialist Book Your Seed Soon

I don’t mean to be an alarmist, but… you may want to buy your winter grazing seed soon. Annual ryegrass seed supplies are tight, and the prices look to be as high or higher than last year. Small grain seed supplies are rumored to …

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