2015 Gadsden Tomato Forum, December 3rd

2015 Gadsden Tomato Forum December 3, 2015 North Florida Research & Education Center Quincy, Florida Hosted by the Gadsden County Extension Service, 850-875-7255


A.M. (Eastern Standard Time)

Presiding: Shep Eubanks, County Extension Director, UF/IFAS, Gadsden County, FL

8:00 Registration & Coffee

8:15 Opening Remarks: Dr. Nicholas Comerford, Center …

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Winter Preparation for Poultry Flocks

With decreasing temperatures on the way, poultry farmers should implement proper management techniques to insure their animals’ health, safety, and productivity during the winter.  Now is a good time to take into consideration the light, heat, ventilation, food and water requirements of your flock and make adjustments as needed to optimize production through the winter.

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El Niño may Boost Cool-Season Pasture Weeds

The summer of 2015 will long be remembered for the consistency and amount of rainfall received. This was a great benefit for the crop farmer, but made life exceedingly difficult for the hay farmer. With all this rain I saw many pastures that were “soggy” all summer. Bahiagrass is a durable and highly persistent grass …

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Cotton Marketing News: Prices Need Something to Grab Hold Of

Don Shurley, University of Georgia Cotton Economist

If you don’t have a firm hold on things, sometimes it results in a fall. If you’re a deer hunter and have ever fallen out of a stand or slipped off the ladder going up or down, you know what I’m talking about. Luckily for me, …

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Beef Cattle Winter Feeding Considerations – Seminar December 3

Winter Feed Program Flyer

The winter feeding season for the beef cow herd is all but here. Hopefully well before now you developed and implemented a plan for meeting your herd’s nutritional needs through the winter. At this point your options are fairly set. Hay should already be in the barn, either bought or baled on the farm. …

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Alabama Corn and Wheat Short Course December 14 & 15

Presenters from Auburn University,  the Alabama Cooperative Extension System,  other land grant universities, industry and the U.S. Department of Agriculture will address a variety of topics pertaining to corn and wheat growth.

Alabama Extension small grains specialist Brenda Ortiz, said this course is an opportunity …

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Friday Funny: Cold Water Clean

ColdWater Clean

A man went to visit his 90 year old uncle who lived on a very secluded farm in the Florida Panhandle. He had not seen his uncle in over 20 years, because the uncle only left the farm for groceries and doctor’s appointments, and never ventured far from his farm.  The two men spent hours …

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Totally Impermeable Film – A New Plastic Mulch Option for 2016 Fumigation

Plastic mulch technology has come a long way in the last 15 years and has made another exponential jump in the last 5 years. Traditionally plastic films used in plasticulture production systems were simple, single layer low density polyethylene films. These are reasonably priced and for the production systems they were and are still used …

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Preparing Your Honey Bees for Winter

As temperatures in North Florida grow colder, honey bees will need some special attention. There are a number of management considerations local beekeepers need to be aware of.

Weather and Temperature

During the winter, honeybees are less able to gather enough food to support the colony. Make sure to supply them with enough nourishment to …

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Friday Funny: A Terrible Condition

bow legged cowboy

Two medical students and an agriculture student were out on the town one night.  As they were walking along the street they saw an old cowboy walking with his legs spread way apart. He was stiff-legged and walking very slowly. One of the medical students said to his friends: “I’m sure that poor old …

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