Lesser Cornstalk Borer Damage Reported in Florida and Georgia Peanut Fields

Authors:  Mark Abney, UGA Peanut Entomologist, and Barry Tillman, UF/IFAS Peanut Breeder

Earlier this week, lesser cornstalk borer (LCB) damage was observed in Suwanee, Columbia, and Marion counties in Florida.  In all cases, the peanut vines had not lapped, and the only symptom found was wilting vines at the ground level (Figure 1).  …

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Summer is the Time to Scout for Forage Diseases

Cheryl Mackowiak, UF/IFAS Soil Fertility/Water Quality Specialist), Ann Blount, UF/IFAS Forage Breeding Specialist

With the hot, humid and rainy return of summer, livestock producers can expect forage leaf and root diseases outbreaks in pastures.  Some of our most common forage diseases come from fungal organisms, but fungicides are rarely applied due to cost …

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New Peanut Fungicide Miravis Registered for Use in Florida

Syngenta has successfully completed the registration process with the Florida Department of Agriculture for a new fungicide for Florida peanut farmers called Miravis.  Miravis is the brand name for Syngenta’s fungicide with the active ingredient Pydiflumetofen, which is a group seven fungicide product.

The following key information is provided on the Miravis label for …

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Cotton Marketing News: 2018 Cotton Update and Outlook

Don Shurley, Professor Emeritus of Cotton Economics

On June 14, I had the pleasure and honor to present for the University of Arkansas Extension Service as part of their Food and Agribusiness Webinar Series.  Thanks to my long-time colleague and friend Dr. Bobby Coats for the invitation and opportunity.  The following are a …

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Jackson County Cattlemen’s Ranch Tour – July 12

The Jackson County Cattlemen’s Association will be hosting their annual Ranch Tour on Thursday, July 12, 2018.  Participation is open to interested cattle producers from across the Tri-state region. Tour participants will meet at 8:45 AM Central time at the grass parking lot for the Marianna High School Baseball & Football Fields, north of …

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Friday Feature: Cattle Ranching in Hawaii

This week’s featured video was produced by the Hawaii Cattlemen’s Council to showcase the long, rich tradition of raising cattle in Hawaii. In 2015, Hawaii’s ranches marketed 43,250 head of high-quality cattle. Beef production makes a significant economic impact to the state of Hawaii.  Watch this video to learn about the “Paniolos” …

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Cautious Optimism About Whitefly Pressure on Fall Vegetables this Year

Josh Freeman, Associate Professor of Horticultural Sciences, University of Florida, Xavier Martini, Assistant Professor of Entomology, University of Florida, Mathews Paret, Associate Professor of Plant Pathology, University of Florida, Stormy Sparks, Professor of Entomology, University of Georgia, and Bhabesh Dutta, Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology, University of Georgia

Vegetable farmers have vivid memories of …

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Boron Deficiency: A Rare but Serious Issue in Peanut

Authors: Ethan Carter, UF/IFAS Regional Crop IPM Agent, and Michael Mulvaney, UF/IFAS Cropping Systems Specialist (WFREC)

Now that it’s early June, peanut fields across the Panhandle range in age from freshly planted to nearly 40 days after planting. Within the past two weeks, many areas have had consistent rainfall and overcast days. The recent …

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Fly Control is Important for Cattle Herds Over the Summer

The temperature has risen across the Southeastern United States, and so has the water in rain gauges in many areas. For cattle producers this brings on much needed summer forages, hay production, and time to evaluate their cattle after a mild spring. This time of year also brings on one of the most common nuisance …

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2018 Panhandle Watermelon Festival – Big Melon Contest – June 23

The 63rd  Annual Panhandle Watermelon Festival is scheduled for Saturday, June 23rd.  We are requesting both homeowner and commercially grown melons for contribution to our Big Melon Contest and Auction.

Entries must be brought to the Washington County Agricultural Center, 1424 Jackson Ave., Chipley FL. no later than 3:30pm on Friday, June 22nd.

Winners of …

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