Enhancing the Market Value of Your Next Calf Crop

According the 2007-2008 USDA Reference of Beef Cow-calf Management Practices in the United States, approximately two-thirds of cattle operations (60.7%) used an auction market as the primary method of sale for weaned steers & bulls. These auction markets are a cornerstone of the American cattle industry, so it makes sense to utilize the owners …

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SesameFARM – A New Irrigation Scheduling Model for Sesame Production

Romain Gloaguen and Diane Rowland, UF/IFAS Agronomy Department

Sesame research has been carried out at the University of Florida (UF/IFAS) for more than 5 years now.  Scientist there know more about the crop and its behavior in the Southeastern US than ever before. Research results from multiple aspects of sesame …

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Jackson Cattlemen to Host Forage Variety Program October 4

Invitation to Cattle Producers

The Jackson County Cattlemen’s Association invites cattle producers from the region to attend a sponsored hamburger dinner and educational program on New and Recommended Forage Varieties presented by Dr. Ann Blount, UF/IFAS Forage Breeder. In addition,  Billy Arrighi, Zoetis Representative will discuss Management Tips to Add Pounds to the Calves You …

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Zika Virus and Mosquito Control – Recommendations for Beekeepers and Rural Landowners

Judy Biss, UF/IFAS Extension Calhoun County Office, Jace Ford, Calhoun County Mosquito Control, Jeff Pippin, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Apiary Inspection

By now you have probably heard about Zika Virus that is transmitted by mosquitoes.  As a beekeeper, you may be concerned about the safety of your bees during pesticide …

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Income Tax Workshop for Farmers, Accountants, and Attorneys – October 3


On October 3rd at the ALFA building in Robertsdale, AL the Alabama Cooperative Extension System is offering a workshop on income tax for agricultural operations from 6:00-8:30.  The ALFA building is located at 21332 Highway 59, Robertsdale, AL 36567.

Topics will include the following:

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Two Weeks Left to Register for the Fruit & Vegetable Conference – October 11

The Panhandle Fruit & Vegetable Conference is just around the corner. 

The conference will provide a great opportunity for networking and sharing practical farming knowledge that can help farmers from across the region. This event promises lots of learning opportunities for everyone, from prospective to experienced farmers, and from rural to urban …

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Friday Funny: Antique Tractor For Sale

John-Deere missing steering wheel and seat

Farm machinery classified adds are normally dull and boring, but do get the point across in just a few words.  Recently a farmer in the Panhandle came up with something really clever to generate income for his farm from an antique tractor restoration project that had never quite been completed. Antique Tractor For Sale

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Is Calf Shrink a Big Deal?

Perhaps weaning time has come and gone on your operation, but did you consider how much potential profit was lost because of shrink in the calves you sold? Shrink in beef calves is weight loss due to stress that occurs from the time an animal leaves one location and is weighed at another.  Shrinkage can’t …

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Unusual Outbreaks of Sweetpotato Whiteflies in the Panhandle

Xavier Martini, Mathews Paret, Josh Freeman, UF/IFAS North Florida Research and Education Center

Outbreaks of sweetpotato whiteflies (also called silverleaf whitefly) Bemisia tabaci (Figure 1 above) have been recorded recently in the Florida Panhandle and South Georgia on tomatoes and other vegetables. Whitefly is a generalist herbivore insect that feeds on 600 host …

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Tropical Weather will Increase Disease Pressure on Late Planted Crops

Figure 2. Precipitation (inches) recorded for two weeks after hurricane Hermine.

Figure 1. Video of weather forecast for Friday September 2 showing movement through the Southeast of Hurricane Hermine. There is a brief advertisement at the beginning of the video.

Ian Small, Nicholas Dufault, Kelly O’Brien, and David Wright

Late season storms like hurricane Hermine (Fig. 1) and tropical depression Julia (and …

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