Fetal Versus Maternal Contributions of Bos indicus Genetics to Offspring Growth

By Pedro Fontes and Cliff Lamb

Researchers at the North Florida Research and Education Center have initiated a five-year experiment that focuses on the relationship between cattle breed and nutritional restriction on subsequent fetal and calf development, feed efficiency, and reproductive traits. Production traits of cattle maintained in warmer …

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Weed Control Can Also Reduce Insect Damage

Insects, like humans, do not like exerting more effort than is necessary. They are also picky eaters. When an insect lands on a plant that it cannot eat or doesn’t prefer to eat, then it must exert more time and effort to search for a more palatable host plant. Fortunately for the farmer, the more …

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Fungicide Considerations for the Mid-point of the Peanut Growing Season

Mid July is the time of year where, for most of us, we are at the mid-point in our peanut production season. The peanut plants, if not already lapped, are at a point where the canopy traps humidity and extends leaf wetness periods near the crown of the plant. Barriers are formed blocking movement of …

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Panhandle Outdoors: St. Joseph Bay Coastal Ecosystem Water School

Northwest Florida is considered one of the top six biodiversity hotspots in the country. The reasons why begin with our unique water features.  The University of Florida IFAS Extension faculty are expanding their acclaimed “Panhandle Outdoors Live!” field trips into two-day events for 2016. They will include presentations as well as traditional excursions to …

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Friday Funny: The Ornery Farmer

Angry Farmer

Clifford and Daisy were farmers who were married for many years.  Together they raised crops and cattle on some of the poorest land in the Florida Panhandle.  Life for them was never easy and it showed.  Their marriage was somewhat legendary in the region, because of their constant bickering, loud arguments, and things being …

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Anhidrosis: When Your Horse Stops Sweating

Horses Should Sweat Like a Horse

Unlike cows, pigs and dogs which primarily use respiration to dissipate heat, the primary way horses, and of course humans, stay cool in hot weather is through evaporation of sweat. In environments with high humidity, sweat does not evaporate very well so horses may sweat more, and …

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Fungus Keeping Kudzu Bugs below Thresholds on Soybeans

Kudzu bugs are a fairly new pest for our area but are already familiar to residents in Northwest Florida.  Researchers are continuously studying new pests to make research-based control recommendations.

One research project (UGA research article) is investigating a fungus, Beauveria bassiana, that infects kudzu bugs.  Beauveria bassiana causes white muscadine disease which is fatal for many insects.  Beauveria bassiana affects kudzu …

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Cotton Marketing News: Christmas in July

The calendar says July; but for the cotton grower it’s Christmas.  This week’s USDA monthly supply and demand numbers were an unexpected gift.  The market reacted positively and let’s hope prices can sustain the new-found optimism.

Even if prices eventually slip back a bit, and I’m not saying they will, today’s move at minimum …

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Perennial Peanut Field Day July 23

Perennial Peanut Field Day Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

9:30 AM EST Registration – $10 per person
UF/IFAS North Florida Research and Education Center, Quincy, Florida

The Perennial Peanut Producers Association and the University of Florida are teaming up to host a tour of ongoing perennial peanut research at the …

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June Panhandle Weather Summary

June 2016 was fairly typical for the Florida Panhandle with much warmer temperatures and scattered afternoon thunderstorms with highly variable rainfall.  In the graphic above you can see the hot pink areas that received more than 10″ and dark red regions that received more than 8″ in June.  In contrast the beige areas received …

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