2016 Peanut Variety Update

Yield Potential

While the majority of seed for peanut planting this year will be Georiga-06G, there are several varieties in seed increase that farmers should become familiar with. Table 1 shows the performance of peanut varieties in Florida over the past four years in both irrigated and non-irrigated production. Note that in a two year …

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Beekeeping in the Panhandle Workshop & Trade Show April 1 & 2

March Class

The Beekeeping in the Panhandle Working Group is pleased to offer the 5th Annual Beekeepers Field Day And Trade Show 2016 Beekeeping is one of the fastest growing hobby and commercial endeavors in Florida.  There is much to learn and share about this fascinating trade.

The workshop and trade show offers …

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USDA 2016 US Cattle Inventory Report

Much of the agricultural economy in the country is driven by the basic economic principles of supply and demand.  Why are commodity prices for crops grown in the Southeast so low?  For the most part it is related to an increase in the supply (production) and a reduction in demand from foreign exports due to …

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Expected Tight Margins in 2016 Call for Careful Evaluation of Peanut Production Practices

The predictions for 2016 crop prices are, let’s just say, less than ideal. In years like this there is a natural tendency for farmers to look for corners to cut, in an attempt to keep production cost lower. However, more often than not, cut corners lead to a reduction in yield; low prices and low …

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January Florida Cattle Market Report

Chris Prevatt, UF/IFAS Livestock Economist

The August 2016 Feeder Cattle futures contract declined by $8.70/cwt. during January. Based on this futures price decrease, August Feeder Cattle revenues decreased by approximately $65.25/hd. ($8.70/cwt. * 7.5 cwt.) on a 750-pound feeder steer which amounts to $4,350.00 per truckload (50,000 lbs.). …

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2016 Beekeeping Short Course March 7, 14, & 21

The UF/IFAS Extension Panhandle Agriculture Team is pleased to offer a Beekeeping Short-Course in March, 2016. These classes will be offered via interactive video at Extension Offices across the Florida Panhandle.

  • Classes will be taught by state and nationally recognized experts.
  • Classes are Monday evenings from 6:00-8:00 pm Central Time, …

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January Panhandle Weather Summary & February Outlook

January 16 NOAA Rainfall

January was a more normal month for much of the Florida Panhandle.  Much of the soil is still somewhat saturated from all of the rain at the end of 2015, but from the map above you can see that the majority of the region had less than 6″ in January 2016.  Portions …

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In Case You Missed It – Cucurbit & Satsuma Meeting Content is now Online


Thank you to all those who attended the Tri-State Cucurbit and Panhandle Satsuma Meetings held in Jackson County!  We had a great turnout at both meetings, and we even had some folks from as far away as Statesboro, GA.  Don’t fret if you were unable to attend one of these meetings, or if you attended and …

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UF/IFAS Research Estimates Feral Hogs cost Florida Cattle Industry $2 Million Annually

Feral swine can cause $2 million per year in lost cattle production in Florida, according to a new study led by Samantha Wisely, UF/IFAS associate professor of wildlife ecology and conservation.  Photo credit:  UF/IFAS archive

Feral swine cost the Florida cattle industry at least $2 million a year in lost cattle production, according to a new study led by a University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researcher.

In fact, researchers believe they may have underestimated the amount of forage destroyed by feral swine, said Samantha Wisely, a …

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Cultivating Futures in Agritourism & Agrimarketing Seminar March 2 & 3

Jane Eckert RWS

March 2-3, 2016
$35 (includes 2 day registration fee & 2 lunches)

Wednesday, March 2  
8:30 a.m.— 4:00 p.m. Central
Seminar Presentation
Chipola College Cultural Center, College Street, Marianna 32446

Jane Eckert, featured presenter, is the founder and CEO of Eckert AgriMarketing, a full-service marketing and consulting firm …

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