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Tips for Successful Pond Weed Management

Every year as the temperatures get warmer the number of calls related to weed problems in fish ponds increases. That was the case this year also, with one notable difference; the calls started coming in March and April, not June and July as they would during a “typical” year. Aquatic weeds typically die back or …

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Preventing and Responding to Flooded Fish Ponds  

Drenching rains brought unwelcome amounts of water to Northwest Florida this week. Many fish ponds received an overabundance of stormwater, pushing levels above drains, dams and levees.

If your dam or pond needs repair after the storm, now is a good opportunity to rebuild or upgrade your drains and incorporate an emergency spillway. Old galvanized …

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Make the Most of Your Pond This Year!

During these icy, north Florida winters, you’re probably not thinking much about what needs to be done in your pond!  Aquatic plants have become mostly dormant, fish feeding has slowed down, and irrigation needs are usually reduced as well.  If you’ve had aquatic weed problems in the past …

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Cool Season Fish Pond Management

North Florida’s hot humid summer seems a distant memory for now.  The cool temperatures, falling leaves, and shorter days are a welcome relief.  Since activity in and around your pond may be reduced this time of year, there are a few “cool weather” conditions  you should be aware of.

The winter conditions we enjoy also …

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