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Late Winter Citrus Management Considerations

Both niche market farmers and home gardeners may be uncertain about late winter management of Satsuma trees.  Several questions that have come in to the Extension Office recently include: Should I prune my trees? Why are the leaves yellow? How soon should I fertilize?  The focus of this article is to provide some answers to …

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Satsuma Protection in Cold Weather Extremes

This week, Northwest Florida received some of the coldest weather in recent years, with lows ranging from 14 ºF to 20 ºF two nights in a row. This had the potential to impact local citrus production areas heavily. It is still too early to asses the full extent of the damage that this freeze event had on …

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Cottony Cushion Scale – Sighted this Spring in Northwest Florida

The Satsuma Tangerine, Citrus unshiu, is currently the major citrus of economic importance for fruit production in North Florida. Now is the time to act to prevent infestations of Cottony Cushion Scale (Icerya purchasi) since the weather is warming and this pest insect has already been observed at multiple sites in the Florida Panhandle.

This …

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Protect Young Satsuma Trees when Temperatures drop into the 20’s

According to the National Weather Service a mild freeze is predicted for Northwest Florida this weekend, specifically Saturday night to Sunday morning.  While mature, dormant Satsuma trees are cold hardy down to 14° – 18 °F, young trees need protection if temperatures dip into the upper 20s.

Here are a few techniques to protect young …

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Satsuma: a New (Old) Alternative Crop for North Florida


North Florida, specifically Jackson County, according to citrus industry historians was once known as the ‘Satsuma Capital of the World.” During it’s peak, there were more than 3000 total acres dedicated to Satsuma production in the Florida Panhandle alone.  While satsumas are the most cold tolerant cultivar of citrus, with mature dormant trees surviving …

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