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Wheat Production Considerations

Variety Selection

Variety selection is one of the most important decisions in small grains production. Growers should choose varieties with a high yield potential, good disease resistance and high test weights.

Table 1 shows excerpts from the UGA, 2012-2013 Small Grains Performance Test for wheat at Tifton, GA.

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Cool Season Forage Planting Decisions

Doug Mayo, Jackson County Extension & Ann Blount, UF/IFAS Forage Breeder

Cool season forages have long been the very highest quality feed that can be grown on the ranch for winter livestock supplementation in the Southeast.  Land preparation, seed, and fertilizer costs have risen to the point that ranchers should be very selective …

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Wheat Management Decisions



We are approaching the time when several key management decisions need to be made for wheat production. Many of these decisions are made based on the growth stage of the crop. At least five scales are used worldwide to describe the growth stages …

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