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Niki Crawson, Holmes County 4-H Extension Agent

Niki started her Extension career in 2007 as the 4-H Youth Development Faculty in Holmes County. After leaving the position for a short period of time due to a family relocation, she returned in 2012 and has been the 4-H Extension Agent in Holmes County since.  She earned both her Master’s degree in Public and Corporate Communication and her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Florida State University. Niki enjoys the study of personality styles and their affects on interpersonal communication and became a Real Colors Certified Facilitator as a result.  Her work has focused on volunteer management and 4-H youth development to include healthy living, social emotional living, and STEM.

Niki has worked with youth in some capacity since she was eighteen years old.  From working in a juvenile rehabilitation program, teaching high school, advocating for abused children, to 4-H youth development, Niki has worked many years in the field of developing volunteers to champion for youth and providing safe environments in which youth can learn and thrive.

Although Niki did not grow up in 4-H, she believes in its core values and mission to make the best better. There is no better way to work towards a position of leadership than to learn by doing.  She believes 4-H is the perfect environment for youth to feel safe, be successful, and learn those important leadership skills.  For more information regarding 4-H and its wonderful educational opportunities, please contact your local 4-H office.

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