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Not only does Florida 4-H teach life skills that make our youth members competitive scholarship applications, our organization also provides several opportunities to help youth pay for education beyond high school. Another benefit of our scholarship program is that it sets youth up for success when applying for other scholarships outside of 4-H. Parents- you are going to want to bookmark this article, because it covers which programs offer scholarships and how to apply for them in three simple steps! Another benefit of our scholarship program is that it sets youth up for success when applying for other scholarships outside of 4-H.

Step 1: Become Familiar with the Types of Scholarships we Offer
Florida 4-H offers two types of scholarships- scholarships for 4-H events, and scholarships for college or trade school. Some of these scholarships are tied to our Scholarship Application (formerly known as the 4-H Portfolio) and some are tied to competitive events, such as our 4-H Tailgating Contest where the first place winner receives a $1,500 scholarship! Many of our other state events offer opportunities to compete at national contests and provide a travel stipend. For information on which events offer monetary or travel scholarships, download a copy of our Florida 4-H Events and Activities Handbook.

Step 2: Decide which Scholarships you want to Either Compete or Apply for
If you are applying for a scholarship that is tied to a competitive event, you will want to enroll in that project and event through 4Honline. Your local UF IFAS Extension Office will be able to connect you with opportunities to learn and practice the skills and knowledge you need to compete successfully. This could include a project club, workshop, or a project mentor or coach.

More than $65,000 in monetary scholarships are given each year as part of our Scholarship Application Process. This process includes an interview during 4-H University, and the checks are presented during our 4-H University Awards Banquet. Youth can apply for multiple scholarships. Check out our 4-H Scholarship Summary Page for the full details, but here is a short list:
UF College of Agricultural and Life Sciences- Four (4) $1000 Scholarships (potential to renew each year)
Fred and Mabel Barber Scholarship- Two (2) $1000 Scholarships
T.G. Williamson Scholarship- Two (2) $1000 Scholarships
Thomas Greenawalt Scholarship- One (1) $400 Scholarship
Platt Memorial Scholarship- Two (2) $500 Scholarship
Nettie Ruth Brown Scholarship- One (1) $1000 Scholarship
Terry Floyd Statewide Scholarship-One (1) $500 Scholarship
Jared Padgett 4-H Excellence Scholarship-One (1) $1000 Scholarship
Florida Cattlewomen’s Association 4-H Scholarship-One (1) $1000 Scholarship
Alden Hilliker Memorial Scholarship- One (1) $500 Scholarship
Dr. Bobby Damron Scholarship-One (1) $500 Scholarship
Ruth Milton Scholarship-One (1) $1000 Scholarship
Teki Hinton Ericson 4-H Scholarship- One (1) $1000 Scholarship
Hal Porter 4-H Scholarship-One (1) $1000 Scholarship
Langley Bell 4-H Legacy Scholarship Endowment-One (1) $1000 Scholarship
Tampa Bay Kennel Club Dog Scholarship-One (1) $1000 Scholarship
Lakeland Winter Haven Kennel Club 4-H Scholarship-Two (2) $1000 Scholarships
Horseman of the Year- One (1) $800 Scholarship and $200 Award
Dallas C. Osborne 4-H Horsemanship Scholarship- One (1) $500 Scholarship

Step 3: Work with your local UF IFAS Extension Agent to Prepare
If you are applying for a scholarship that is part of our state scholarship application process, you will prepare a cover letter and resumé to submit along with your application. We have lots of resources to help you!

Florida 4-H Scholarship Packet

How to Submit

How to write a cover letter

How to write a skills- based resumé


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