Jackson County Extension hosted the 2016 Panhandle Row Crop Short Course on Thursday, March 3, 2016.  Extension Specialists from Florida, Georgia, and Alabama came to relay new and pertinent information concerning crops to farmers. Attendees were able to attain CEUs for their restricted use pesticide license as well as for Certified Crop Consultants. A total of 115 people attended this year’s event, drawn from nine Florida counties, four Georgia counties, and three Alabama counties. The event featured eight presentations and a trade show with 23 companies and organizations that provide products and services to the industry.

The focus of the Short Course this year was primarily on peanut and cotton production, but did overlap regarding pest management and the market outlook for other crops. The speakers provided information regarding variety selection, peanut maturity, pest management, the market outlook, efficient cotton production and pesticide safety. Many of the people who attended asked about copies of the presentations. The following recap provides a short summary of what was discussed, as well as direct links to download PDF (printable) versions of the presentations given at the event.

Peanut Variety Selection

2016 Row Crop Short Coures Variety Slide_Tillman

Dr. Barry Tillman, UF/IFAS Peanut Breeder provided variety data from several states (Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and South Carolina) demonstrating performance patterns. Varieties were also evaluated for disease resistance/susceptibility to Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus, Leaf Spot, and White Mold.

A PDF of his presentation is available: Tillman_Peanut Variety Selection

Impacts of Peanut Maturity

2016 Short Course_Maturity Presentation_Carter

Ethan Carter, Regional Crop IPM Agent shared how the indeterminate growth habit of peanut makes it difficult to harvest at an optimal time with ideal maturity. Harvest optimization or lack thereof can effect both the growers economic return (yield and grade) and subsequent crops in the year ahead.

A PDF of his presentation is available: Carter_Impacts of Peanut Maturity

Crop Weed Control Update

2016 Short Course Weed Presentation_Leon

Dr. Ramon Leon, UF/IFAS Weed Specialist discussed the progression of glyphosate resistant weed populations in Florida. He also provide an update regarding the much anticipated release of the 2-4,D and Dicamba resistant crops.

A PDF of his presentation is available: Leon_Crop Weed Control Update

Crop Disease Management

2016 Short Course_Dufault

Dr. Nick Dufault, UF/IFAS Crop Pathologist shared information from fungicide trials showing which fungicides had the best results when used to control various pathogens. The rotation of multiple chemistries is important for both broad spectrum control and resistance management. Variety selection can be key to lowering costs associated with fungicides.

A PDF of his presentation is available: Dufault_Crop Disease Management

Crop Market Outlook

2016 Short Course_Smith UGA

Amanda Smith, UGA Economist provided a detailed analysis of the market outlook. She covered several commodities, inputs, and the use of the UGA Crop Comparison Tool to aid in planting decisions for 2016. Understanding what factors drive the market and the projected revenues/costs associated with growing different crops will allow producers to make informed decisions this year.

A PDF of her presentation is available: Smith_Crop Market Outlook

Efficient Cotton Production

2016_Short Course_Wright

Dr. David Wright, UF/IFAS Extension Agronomist shared several management techniques that could be used to reduce production costs or to increase income from cotton. Cotton still can play a key role in crop rotation with peanuts.

A PDF of his presentation is available: Wright_Efficient Cotton Production

Row Crop Insect Management

2016_Short Course_Smith Auburn

Dr. Ron Smith, Auburn Crop Entomologist outlined several crop pests that damage cotton, grain sorghum, soybean, and peanut. Proper pest identification and pesticide application timing were key areas highlighted in his presentation.

A PDF of his presentation is available: Smith_Row Crop Insect Management

Pesticide Safety

2016_Short Course_Shep

Shep Eubanks, Gadsden County Extension Director, discussed the importance of pesticide safety. Individuals who apply pesticides must always be aware of the hazards associated with them, for themselves, other people, and the environment.

A PDF of his presentation is available: Eubanks_Pesticide Safety

Sponsors and Trade Show Exhibitors

2016 Row Crop Short Course SponsorsIn addition to the presentations, representatives from 22 companies and organizations that support crop farmers also took part in the event and were able to share information about products and services available to area farmers.


Ethan Carter