This week’s featured video was produced by Netafim to introduce their FlexNet™ drip irrigation system.  Unlike traditional layflat tubing systems that must be pierced for drip-line tubing attachment, their FlextNet plastic tubing has built in connectors to prevent leaks at the hose source. These connectors can be customized to match a farmers specific row spacing from 12-40″.  This innovative irrigation system could be useful for irrigation of vegetables, cucurbits, or other crops with drip irrigation in the row beds.

According to the FlexNet™ website, this system offers the following advantages over traditional layflat systems:

  • Quick Assembly
    Integral welded connectors ensure a secure, leak-proof connection between distribution pipes and laterals (with no teflon or glue required when using Netafim fittings)
  • Agro-Machinery Friendly
    When not pressurized, it’s so durable it can be stepped on or driven over
  • Low Expansion Rate
    Pipe lays flat, has zero axial elongation and will not tangle or bend

FlexNet is simple, flexible and light-weight for maximum portability and quicker movement from field to field. It can be used in surface or subsurface applications and requires no specialized tools for installation.


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