Every year, Mickey Diamond, a Santa Rosa County row crop producer, puts in a cotton variety trial with the help of Greenpoint Ag agronomist, Drew Schrimsher.  In May 2020, Mickey, Drew, and his team established 17, 6 row plots of dryland cotton at a field near Jay, Florida.  Because we could not have a field day at the WFREC site, cotton seed representatives met Santa Rosa Public Information office staff and me at Mickey’s farm to do an overview of each variety in the field.  The plots will be harvested in the next few weeks, and data on all aspects of the varieties will be shared on Panhandle Ag in the near future.  In the meantime, take some time to watch this video to learn more about cotton varieties that might do well in your fields.  Dr. Bob Kemerait,  UGA Plant Pathologist, provided an update on disease and pest control in the hot, humid panhandle weather.