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In Florida, developing the yearling heifer to generate a successful pregnancy is a major challenge for beef operations. Delayed attainment of puberty and failure to conceive leads to a short-term financial burden estimated at $193.00/heifer. Late conception brings further challenges, such as weaning a calf up to 100 lb lighter, and breeding late in the next season. The Know Your Heifer Program is UF/IFAS Extension service for beef producers to provide enhanced information to make cost-effective management decisions, based on the evaluation of heifers. The objective is to establish a statewide system to generate information on the reproductive potential and performance of replacement beef heifers.

Benefits to Rancher:

  • Analyses and report on individual and herd reproductive potential (RTS) and performance (preg checks)
  • Recommendations on implementation of reproductive technologies
  • Opportunity to connect with many ongoing livestock extension programs
  • Benchmarking through an anonymous comparative analyses to other herds in Florida at the end of the breeding season

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For more information, use the following links to the program website, program registration, or contact Dr. Binelli:

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