This week’s featured videos were published by the UF/IFAS Honeybee Lab to address some common questions that people have about getting started as new beekeepers. They have developed a play list called, Honeybee Academy, which begins with a series of videos aimed at beginning beekeepers.  Over time, the plan is to add more videos to this list, so you may want to subscribe to their channel to be notified when new videos are published.  The following are two examples from their series that answer two key questions:  1.  Is beekeeping right for me? and 2.  How much does it cost to get started?  This is a great resource for local bee clubs, or beekeepers when you get asked a million questions from people interested in beekeeping as a hobby or as a business.   I would encourage beekeepers to share this information on their social media accounts to ensure people know about this valuable educational tool.

Another key question about beekeeping is, “How much does it costs to get started?”  To do it well, new beekeepers should be prepared to purchase the right equipment for the job.


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