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In our “new normal” of social distancing, it can be difficult to find ways to give back to your community or provide service to organizations in the traditional methods we’re all accustomed to.  However, the partnership between Tractor Supply and 4-H allows you to do just that, pick your Clover!  Each year in Fall and Spring, you can volunteer your time, efforts and money to help fundraise during the Paper Clover Campaign which benefits your local 4-H program and the National 4-H program as well.  You simply visit your local Tractor Supply store, pick your paper clover, sign your name to it, provide your donation at checkout and then you’ve officially helped us #InspireKidsToDo with 4-H!

Tractor Supply has proudly partnered with 4-H since 2010 with the Paper Clover Campaign.  This campaign happens twice a year, Fall and Spring, right in a store near you (and online)!  Through this annual fundraiser, Tractor Supply has helped raise over $14 million dollars which have impacted over 69,000 students.  100% of the funds raised during the Fall and Spring Paper Clover fundraisers directly benefit local 4-H programs with 90% going directly to 4-H youth in Florida and 10% supporting the National 4-H program which our youth may participate in throughout the year.

Furthermore, funds from these Paper Clover Campaigns have directly assisted your local programs in sending youth to activities and events such as Camp Timpoochee, Camp Cherry Lake, Executive Boards, Leadership Adventure Weekend (LAW), 4-H University, and much more.  Each of these experiences have given our youth the opportunities to develop life skills alongside there peers and 4-H mentors, volunteers, and 4-H Agents.  The life skills gained during a youth’s experiences in a local 4-H program can be transferable to “real life” and helps prepare our 4-H members to be caring, competent citizens that we hope return as 4-H volunteers one day to give back to their program!

Now, how can you get involved?  Tractor Supply stores across the Panhandle are very generous in providing space and time for your 4-H Club to fundraise in various ways.  You may fill out an online request form here under their 4-H Fundraising page, or you can contact the store manager directly and ask about their upcoming events or days available for your program to set up a table to fundraise and educate clientele on the benefits of 4-H!

Ideas to get involved (request permission first):

  • Set up an educational livestock clinic in the parking lot
  • Club meetings or field trip or skill-a-thon on location
  • Fundraisers during the holidays
    • October- pumpkin carving
    • November- helpful haulers (load/unload)
    • December- gift wrapping
    • February- sell Valentine’s Day Cards made by members

Locate your Tractor Supply Store and introduce 4-H to the manager:

Blountstown- 19962 Central Ave W Marianna- 280 Highway 71
Chipley- 1610 Main Street Milton- 6531 Carline Street
Crawfordville- 2408 Crawfordville Hwy Panama City- 6450 E Highway 22
Crestview- 320 W James Lee Blvd Pensacola- 3 W Nine Mile Road Suite 16
Defuniak Springs- 931 US Hwy 331 S Southport- 6922 Highway 77
Ft. Walton Beach- 653 Beal Pkwy N Tallahassee- 5743 W Tennessee St


The Fall Paper Clover Campaign is going on NOW, October 7-18 so go grab your 4-H Clover today.  For more information on becoming a 4-H member, volunteer, starting a club, or to get involved in all of our virtual and traditional programs, contact your local 4-H program and a 4-H Agent will reach out to help you join our 4-H family!