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Finally, Fall is in the air! It seems like it takes forever for summer to leave Florida. What better way to kick off the Fall season than by bobbing for or picking a deep red, bright green, or yellow apple? Currently, there are over 2,500 varieties of apples grown in the United States, and 7,500 varieties grown throughout the world. Did you know that apples are also grown in all 50 states? That is a lot of apples to celebrate throughout the month of October and on National Apple Day, October 21!

Have you ever heard the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? This was something that I was told throughout my childhood. I did not believe that an apple a day would keep me healthy and away from the doctor’s office. Now I understand that the saying is a tribute to the apples nutritional value and its health benefits. Per the USDA, an apple is an excellent source, for your daily nutrition, of fiber and vitamin C!

Apples are a great fruit to add to our diet! With the hundreds of varieties available, there is an apple to suit almost anyone’s taste. Apples can be sweet, tart, crisp, crunchy, soft, or mushy, however you like them. To determine what apples you like best, try hosting an apple tasting. Purchase different types of apples, cut them up into slices or silly shapes, and serve them fresh. If you are feeling adventurous, try smothering your apple slice in peanut butter, hazelnut spread, or in a yogurt dip.  The flavor combinations are endless.

Maybe you or your children do not care for the taste of apples. That’s ok! There are several activities you can still participate in to celebrate National Apple Month and Day. I have compiled a short list of activities to give a try.

  • Roadside market produce. Photo taken 12-12-22.

    Apple bowling. All you will need for this activity is 6 bottles, an apple, a starting line, and a way to keep score.

  • Apple towers. See how many apples you can balance on top of one another. The tower with the most apples wins!
  • Apple Puzzle. This will take a parent with “expert” knife cutting skills to cut the apple into several pieces. Take them apart and try to put it back together.
  • Apple Painting. Cut your apple in half or different shapes, dip into your paint, and you’ll have a masterpiece on your hands in no time.
  • Apple Rotting. For this experiment, you will need an apple, four drinking glasses, water, oil, and vinegar. Quarter your apple and place into the cups. Fill three of the cups with water, oil, or vinegar separately. The remaining glass will have just air. Make a hypothesis on which apple slice will decompose the quickest and which will last the longest.

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40 Easy Apple Activities for Kids to Experiment, Create & Learn

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