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September 1st serves as the start of the new 4-H year and the first week of October serves as National 4‑H Week each year.  Throughout Florida and especially in the Panhandle, the first month of the 4-H year is full of events, activities, and social media posts to celebrate the impact of 4‑H.  Once the start of the new year and National 4-H Week are over however, momentum for the program can ebb and flow.  Here are 10 ways that you can continue to celebrate and promote 4-H in your club and county.

  1. Give Back

Local programs are always looking for resources to continue growing their programs.  From serving food, to collecting essential items, to making a donation, 4-H members can help provide resources and serve their communities.

  1. Wear your 4-H Gear

Nothing says 4-H pride like wearing a 4-H clover.  Dress yourself (or the entire family-including your pets) in 4-H green and 4-H gear, available at Shop 4-H.

  1. Set up Informational Booths

If your local grocery store or hardware store allows, set up a table to share information about your local 4-H program or club.  You can display 4-H posters, hand out flyers, or showcase the work of local 4-H members.  4-H has long-standing partnerships with Tractor Supply Co. and Joann Fabric and Craft Stores.

  1. Highlight your 4-H Members

Share social media posts about your 4-H members and their accomplishments.  4-H clubs, counties, and even the NW 4-H District all have social media pages that showcase 4-H accomplishments.  Take to social media to share a 4-H memory, express how 4-H shaped who you are today, describe what 4-H means to you, post an old 4-H photo, or shout-out your 4-H club.

  1. Become a 4-H Volunteer

If you are a 4-H alum, you might be looking for ways to reconnect with 4-H.  Consider giving your time to a local 4-H club by becoming a volunteer.

  1. Showcase Your 4-H Work at a Local Fair

The Fall is Fair Season in the NW District.  4-H members can submit booths, entries, livestock, and a variety of other things into local and regional fairs.  Even if you don’t submit anything, many of our local fairs have judging contests to participate in.

  1. Prepare for Judging Teams and Competitive Events

4-H has a variety of judging teams and competitive events that are offered year-round.  These opportunities are great ways to learn a specific skillset and work on teamwork, leadership, and communication skills.  While many of these teams and events are in the springtime, you can start to prepare now to be ready when they start.

  1. Have a 4-H Reunion

4-H alumni often credit 4-H for the connections they have made, remembering the friends they made and those who they may still keep in touch with today.  Gather your old 4-H friends and spend some time together reminiscing on your 4-H experience or recreate your 4-H project together.

  1. Send a 4-H “Thank You”

We all have a reason to thank our local 4-H leaders and volunteers.  Whether you grew up in 4-H, you have kids in 4-H, you are in 4-H, or you’ve witnessed the positive work of 4-H in your community, send a “thank you” note to your local Extension Office to show your appreciation.

  1. Try Something New

4-H is an organization that helps youth start a new skill or allows them to try a different interest.  Do you want to dabble in fashion? Get a taste of cooking? Build a Lego robot?  Ride a horse?  4‑H is the place to where all these things are possible.