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Cloverbud participants

On Saturday, April 20, 2024, the Washington County Ag Center came to life with 64 4-Hers and 141 chickens for the 2024 Northwest District Chick Chain show. The show was the culmination of the seven-month Northwest District 4-H Chick Chain project.

In September 2023, at the beginning of the 4-H year, 4-Hers took ownership of day-old chicks and began their journey in the 4-H poultry science project. They learned about poultry nutritional and housing needs, how to clean and show their birds, and how to perform health assessments. This program also encourages the development of life skills. Life skills are workforce-ready skills – skills that help individuals adapt to and perform in different settings.

Some of those workforce-ready skills include:

  • Work Ethic—providing for an animal requires daily attention.  Even when it was hot, cold, or raining, youth learned the importance of getting up and getting the work done for the animals that relied solely on the 4-H youth.
  • Problem Solving—should any issues arise during the project, youth are encouraged to research the problem themselves and work toward a solution.
  • Record Keeping—all participants are required to keep diligent records of their projects.
  • Communication—with the included aspect of poultry showmanship, communication becomes a key aspect for all exhibitors.

Poultry showmanship is one of the focuses of the show that each youth participates in.  This area allows youth to demonstrate their general knowledge of poultry and care.  First-time show participants and Cloverbuds participated in a skill-a-thon, which is a test of the comprehension and proficiencies learned in the project. 4-Hers who participated in last year’s Chick Chain show participated in Avian Adventures, giving a presentation or demonstration on any poultry science-related topic.  For those interested, the sign up for the 2024-2025 Chick Chain project begins September 1, 2024.

2024 NWD 4-H Chick Chain Show Results

Best of Breed

  • Australorp – Easton S.
  • Cochin – Emily F.
  • Delaware – Lexi D.
  • Orpington – Stephanee R.
  • Plymouth Rock – Joseph B.
  • Rhode Island Red – Charlie G.
  • Sussex – Finn F.
  • Wyandotte – Roger N.
Grand Champion Pullet –Stephanee RobinsonReserve Champion Pullet – Easton Sherrod

Grand Champion Pullet –Stephanee R. Reserve Champion Pullet – Easton S.

Grand Champion Production –Lexi DavidsonReserve Champion Production – Emily Flowers

Grand Champion Production –Lexi D. Reserve Champion Production – Emily F.


Junior Showmanship Winners

Junior Showmanship Winners

1st place Junior – Tate C.

2nd place Junior – Kaydence A.

3rd place Junior – Nicole B.





Intermediate Showmanship Winners

Intermediate Showmanship Winners

1st place Intermediate – Emmit A.

2nd place Intermediate – Rain T.

3rd place Intermediate – Jocelyn B.





Senior Showmanship Winners

Senior Showmanship Winners

1st place Senior – Emma W.

2nd place Senior – Roger N.

3rd place Senior – Remington B.






Junior Skill-a-thon Winners

Junior Skill-a-thon Winners

1st place Junior – Marlee R.

2nd place Junior – Allison C.

3rd place Junior – Henry F.





Intermediate Skill-a-thon Winners

Intermediate Skill-a-thon Winners

1st place Intermediate – Finn F.

2nd place Intermediate – Kiera B.

3rd place Intermediate – Makon K.





Senior Skill-a-thon Winner

Senior Skill-a-thon Winner

1st place Senior – Remington B.







Avian Adventures Illustrated Talk/Demonstration

Junior Avian Adventure Winners

Junior Avian Adventure Winners


1st place Junior – Allison C.

2nd place Junior – Kadence A.

3rd place Junior – Lylah H.





Intermediate Avian Adventure Winners

Intermediate Avian Adventure Winners

1st place Intermediate – Julia M.

2nd place Intermediate – Joseph B.

3rd place Intermediate – Jackson N.






Senior Avian Adventure Winners

Senior Avian Adventure Winners

1st place Senior – Roger N.

2nd place Senior – Anthony H.

3rd place Senior – Emma W.





Photography display


Photography and Record Books were scored and feedback provided.  The amazing photography was also showcased at the show.

To all of our exhibitors, 4-H Extension Agents, and 4-H club leaders, we would like to say, “Thank you and great job!” The 2024-2025 NWD 4-H Chick Chain program will begin in September. For more information, contact your county UF/IFAS Extension office.

 A special thank you to Anitra Mayhann, UF/IFAS Extension Gulf County 4-H Agent, and Chris Lauen, UF/IFAS Extension Holmes County 4-H Agent, for capturing photos throughout the day.