Josh Freeman teaches Cucurbit Workshop participants about fumigation practices for nematode and weed control. Photo Credit: University of Florida/IFAS Extension

Thank you to all those who attended the Tri-State Cucurbit Workshop held in Jackson County on January 25, 2018!  There was a great turnout with participants from Florida, Alabama, and Georgia.

Thank you to our presenters: Dr. Mathews Paret; Dr. Melanie Kalischuck; Dr. Josh Freeman; and Dr. Peter Dittmar!  Whether you attended the workshop, or missed it and need a refresher, their presentations provided the most current information on a variety of important topics. The presentations and additional information are now available online!  Please use the following links to printer-friendly PDF copies of the information the speakers presented at the 2018 Tri-State Cucurbit Workshop.

A special thanks goes to our sponsors for making the workshop possible and for their continued support of the Jackson County Extension Office!

Contact your local Extension Agentif you need additional information on these or other topics related to cucurbit production.


Matt Lollar