This week’s video was published by Dr. Dan Thompson, Bovine DVM & Iowa State Professor’s TV show called DocTalk, that airs on RFD-TV.  In this episode, Dr. Thompson makes livestock producers aware of upcoming rule changes for both implants and antibiotics.  Starting June 11, 2023, all antibiotics will require a veterinarian prescription and treatment protocol.  You are welcome to watch the entire 26-minute episode, but the video below shares the final half of the episode where Thompson discusses the new requirements for antibiotic use in livestock herds. The first part of the episode that focused on implants is going to primarily be an issue for feedyards.  The antibiotic rule, however, is going to have more of an impact on cow-calf operations.  Over-the counter (OTC) antibiotics will no longer be sold through farm supply stores.  Watch the video to hear Dr. Thompson explain how ranchers and veterinarians will work together to utilize antibiotics in the future.



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