Cattle producers have been putting beef in their freezers for decades. But the increasing opportunity to market their home raised beef directly to consumers is a trend that has continued to grow since 2020. And while raising cattle is something we have been doing for years, creating a brand, marketing, developing cut sheets and more is something that most ranchers could use help with.

The Freezer Beef Boot Camp was designed to help cattlemen make the transition from raising cattle to marketing beef. It is an intensive four hour webinar that is designed help producers capitalize on the opportunity of freezer beef.

The 2024 Beef Boot Camp will be hosted on May 20, 2024 from 8:00 AM CST until Noon. Topics covered will include: selection of genetics, management of product flow, nutrition, and processing management. This will be a conversational and interactive webinar that will network producers, share experiences and detail critical information to help cattle producers diversify their operations and market their beef products.

The webinar will be available live or as a recording. Please register to join live or to receive the posted recording.

For more information please contact Kalyn Waters at 850-547-1108 and


Kalyn Waters