2014 Reader's Choice AwardThe Panhandle Agriculture Extension Team thanks you for subscribing to Panhandle Ag e-News this past year.

2014 was an even more successful year for this electronic newsletter project. Our subscriber list increased from 2,775 at the beginning of 2014 to 3,393 in 2015 (22% growth).  Last year we had 68,571 total web page views as compared to 36,513 in 2013 (88% increase). Word is spreading and more and more farmers and ranchers are taking advantage of this service.

There were a total of 266 articles contributed by 36 County Agents and State Specialist authors in 2014. The following were the top 40 articles written in 2014.

  1. The Panhandle Ag Reader’s Choice Award goes to an article written by Doug Mayo, Jackson County Extension, that was published October 24, 2014, and was viewed 623 times in 2014.

    Understanding Your Forage Test Report

  2. In second place was an article written by Jed Dillard, Jefferson County Extension, with 612 views:

    Making the Best of a Bad Situation – Storing Large Round Hay Bales Outside

  3. The third most read article was written by Doug Mayo, Jackson County Extension, with 597 views:

    Complying with the New Florida Cattle ID Rule

  4. Honorable mention goes to an article written by Doug Mayo, Jackson County Extension with 592 views:

    What is the Best Grass for Pastures in the Panhandle?


  5. The Limited Poultry and Egg Farm Operation Rule Becomes Effective July 1, 2014

  6. Large Carpenter Bee Management and Control

  7. Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the US Extension Service

  8. Pigweed Suppression Using a Ryegrass Cover Crop

  9. History of Snowfall in North Florida

  10. Chikungunya Arbovirus – A New Mosquito Borne Illness in Florida

  11. Scout Pastures for Toxic Perilla Mint this Fall

  12. What Does the Launch of New Generic Fungicides Mean for Plant Disease Management?

  13. Herbicide Alternatives for Prickly Pear and Dogfennel without Cleanwave

  14. Oriental Persimmons Varieties for North Florida

  15. Satsuma Protection in Cold Weather Extremes

  16. Tips for Controlling Armyworms in Hay Fields

  17. Vaseygrass in your Bermuda hayfield? Start your management now!

  18. Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth from Your Hay?

  19. Vaseygrass Becoming a Common Sight, Unfortunately

  20. New University of Florida Peanut Varieties for 2014

  21. Manage Honey Bees Now to Prepare for Next Year’s Nectar Flow

  22. Goatweed Spreading West: Found in Holmes County Pastures

  23. It’s in Florida: Rose Rosette Virus, a Devastating Disease on Roses

  24. USDA Microloans Available for Small Farms

  25. Start Preparing for Winter Pastures

  26. Sesame Production: A New Crop for Florida

  27. Temporary Pastures Can Hide Ugly Surprises

  28. Thistle Control in Pastures

  29. A New Chestnut Trial Planned for NFREC-Quincy

  30. UF/IFAS Strip Till Cotton Variety Test Results

  31. Panhandle Farm Facts from the 2012 Census of Agriculture

  32. Spring Appearance of Ground Bees

  33. Florida Food Connect: A Tool to Help Producers Engage with Customers

  34. Managing Aquatic Plants in Farm Ponds

  35. Make the Most of Your Pond This Year!

  36. Western Flower Thrips Develop Insecticide Resistance in North Florida

  37. Yellowing in Peanuts Due to Manganese Deficiency

  38. 2014 Row Crop Comparison Tools and Budgets

  39. When Should I Thin My Pine Trees?

  40. Watermelon Novel Bacterial Leaf Spot Research Update


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