NW District Agent Profiles

Northwest District Impacts and Outcomes by County
Julie P. Dillard – Interim District Extension Director
Janice Walden – NW District Administrative Specialist III
Dr. Heather Kent – Regional Specialized Agent – 4-H
Kendra Hughson – Regional Specialized Agent – Family and Consumer Sciences 
Andrea Albertin – Regional Specialized Agent – Water
Ethan Carter – Regional Specialized Agent – Integrated Pest Management
Julie McConnell – Regional Specialized Agent Horticulture
John Wells – Information Technology Expert

Bay County County Impacts and Outcomes
Scott Jackson – Bay County Extension Director/Sea Grant Marine
Paula Davis – 4-H
Open Position – Horticulture
Melanie Taylor – FCS

Calhoun County County Impacts and Outcomes
Daniel Leonard – County Extension Director/Horticulture
Claire Davis – 4-H/FCS

Escambia County –  County Impacts and Outcome
Nick Simmons – County Extension Director/Livestock

Carrie Stevenson –  Sustainability / Windstorm Mitigation

Beth Bolles – Horticulture
Rick O’Connor – Sea Grant Marine
Open Position – Agriculture and Natural Resources
Dorothy Lee – FCS
Brian Estevez – 4-H Youth Development
Open Position – 4-H

Franklin County –  County Impacts and Outcomes
Erik Lovestrand – County Extension Director/Sea Grant Marine

Gadsden County –  County Impacts and Outcomes
Robbie Jones – Gadsden County Extension Director
Donna Arnold – Gadsden County Extension
Evie Blount – 4-H Youth Development
Sharlee Whiddon Gadsden FCS
Danielle Williams – Commercial Horticulture

Gulf County –  County Impacts and Outcomes
Ray Bodrey – County Extension Director
Anitra Mayhann – 4-H/FCS

Holmes County –  County Impacts and Outcomes
Kalyn Waters – CED/Ag and Natural Resources
Judy Corbus – FCS
Chris Lauen – 4-H

Jackson County  County Impacts and Outcomes
Doug Mayo – County Extension Director/Livestock
Michael Young – Jackson 4-H
Ethan Carter – Agriculture/Integrated Pest Management Regional Specialized Agent
Abbey Payne – Commercial and Environmental Horticulture
Terri Keith – FCS

Jefferson County –  County Impacts and Outcomes
Michael Sneed – County Extension Director/4-H
Open Position – Agriculture and Natural Resources
Melanie Southerland – FCS

Leon County –  County Impacts and Outcomes
Marcus Boston – County Extension Director/4-H
Suzanne Holloway – FCS
Amy Mullins FCS
Molly Jameson – Sustainable Agriculture
Mark Tancig –  Commercial & Residential Horticulture
Valerie Mendez – 4-H
Trevor Hylton – Agriculture/Small Farms

Liberty County-  County Impacts and Outcomes
Marie Arick – County Extension Director/4-H/FCS

Okaloosa County – County Impacts and Outcomes
Dana Bigham Stephens County Extension Director
Larry Williams – Horticulture
Jill Breslawski – FCS
Sheila Dunning – Commercial Horticulture
Jennifer Bearden – Agriculture Natural Resources

Santa Rosa County  County Impacts and Outcomes
Stephen Greer – County Extension Director
Ginny Hinton – FCS
Joshua Criss – Environmental Horticulture
Prudence Caskey – 4-H
Thomas Derbes – Sea Grant
Guilherme Trimer Morata Sustainable Ag
Matt Lollar – Horticulture

Wakulla County- County Impacts and Outcomes
Samantha Kennedy – County Extension Director/FCS
Dr. Rachel Pienta – 4-H
Open Position – Horticulture

Walton County-  County Impacts and Outcomes
Dr. Laura Tiu – County Extension Director/Sea Grant Marine
Jill Breslawski – FCS
Open Position – Agriculture
Niki Crawson – 4-H
Evan Anderson – Horticulture
Ian Stone – Forestry

Washington County-  County Impacts and Outcomes
Dr. Julie Pigott Dillard – County Extension Director/4-H
Judy Corbus – FCS
Julie McConnell Hort RSA
Mark Mauldin – Interim County Extension Director Ag