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Identifying Harmless “False White Mold” in Peanut Fields

This article is from an educational update email from Dr. Bob Kemerait, UGA Plant Pathologist.  Dr. Kemerait gave permission for Panhandle Ag to use this to share with the growers of Florida.

Andrew Sawyer, UGA Wilcox County Extension, sent me these great pictures yesterday afternoon.  They are images of what we call “false …

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Kudzu Bugs – Will They Overwinter in Your Neighborhood?

Were you among the many visited by Kudzu Bugs last week?  If you saw a large number of small greenish, round, flattened insects on your home’s exterior walls, then “yes” is the answer! You and lots of your friends and neighbors received an unexpected guest last week when the relatively-new invasive insect …

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New World Screwworm: Gone -Yes, but not Forgotten!

Several kinds of maggots infest the wounds of warm-blooded animals; however, the only one that feeds exclusively on live flesh is the screwworm, and Florida has a long history with New World Screwworm (Cochliomyia hominivorax).  The adult flies of these flesh eating maggots migrated from central and south America to parts of the …

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Hay Producers Need to Scout For Horsenettles


Some of Walton County’s perennial peanut producers are experiencing an outbreak of Horsenettles (Solanum carolinense).  This pasture weed is also known as love-apple or wild tomato in panhandle Florida, and is toxic to humans and livestock.  It is often confused with another serious pasture weed, tropical soda apple, which is in the same …

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Washington County Update – Wet Fields!

There is a growing anxiety about the corn harvest with its high moisture content and lack of available storage. Field conditions are wet making it hard for equipment to cross fields.

Cotton fields need to dry out or disease pressure will rise. Diseases such as white mold and leafspot in peanuts are a concern, too.

Peanuts …

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Floodwater Mosquitoes, a Special Brand of Misery

Jed Dillard
Jefferson County Extension Livestock and Natural Resources Agent

Whining hordes of mosquitoes have made life miserable for the warm blooded among us since tropical storm Debby soaked North Florida. You’re likely thinking, “These are not my mama’s skeeters!” The facts bear you out, but this time the facts do bring a sliver …

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Washington County: Crop Conditions Good

Summer rains are coming on a regular basis and with sufficient quantity. Corn, cotton, soybeans and peanuts are all looking very good, better than they have in the past three years.

Pressure from Army Worms is still a problem in fertilized hay fields. Scouting is ongoing, and flocks of Cattle Egrets in a pasture …

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Groundpearls in Tifton 9 Bahiagrass Pasture

I recently visited  a farm that was experiencing significant stand loss in an 80 acre field of Tifton 9 Bahiagrass.  Upon closer examination the culprit was determined to be ground pearls, as seen in the photo at left.  This was the first time that this Extension Agent has ever verified ground pearls in …

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Thrips Active In Walton County

Thrips are already a problem with the vegetable acreage and the cotton crop in Walton County.  Even with seed inoculated before planting or in-furrow insecticide applications, plants are still at risk.  The preventative treatments are taken up by the plant as it germinates and provides some protection during early stages of growth.

Supplemental foliar sprays may be needed if two-to-three …

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Southern Armyworm Makes First Appearance of 2012 in Wakulla County

Southern Armyworms, Spodoptera eridania, has made its first appearance of 2012 in Wakulla County on April 19.  A home gardener brought in the samples seen in the photograph above.

While most were still in the larva stage, the gardener had experience substantial damage to his tomato and potato plants.  It is suspected the eggs overwintered …

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