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  1. Deck the Halls With Boughs of Holly — December 15, 2017
  2. Monarch Migrations Have Begun — November 3, 2017
  3. NISAW 2017: Laurel Wilt — March 1, 2017
  4. NISAW 2017: Cuban Anole — February 28, 2017
  5. Winter is For Tree Planting — January 20, 2017

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Deck the Halls With Boughs of Holly

According to Druid lore, hanging the plant in homes would bring good luck and protection. Holly was considered sacred because it remained green and strong with brightly colored red berries no matter how harsh the winter.  Most other plants would wilt and die. Later, Christians adopted the holly tradition from Druid practices and developed symbolism …

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Monarch Migrations Have Begun

Since we are approaching the peak dates in mid-October, it is time to get your gardens ready for migrating monarchs to fuel up on nectar sources. In their Mexican overwintering sites, these monarchs will have to survive on stored fat all winter. So they need to build up fat reserves by feeding on flowering plants …

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NISAW 2017: Laurel Wilt

Many invasive plants and insects are introduced in packing materials, including 12 species of ambrosia beetles, which embed themselves in wood used as crates and pallets. While these tiny beetles don’t actually feed on wood, the adults and larvae feed on fungi that is inoculated into galleries within the sapwood by the females when they …

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NISAW 2017: Cuban Anole

The brown anole, a lizard native to Cuba and the Bahamas, first appeared in the Florida Keys in 1887. Since then it has moved northward becoming established in nearly every county in Florida. By hitching a ride on boats and cars, as well as, hanging out in landscape plants being shipped throughout the state, the …

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Winter is For Tree Planting

Florida has celebrated Arbor Day since 1886 and has one of the first Arbor Day celebrations in the nation, on the third Friday in January.  Trees establish a root system quickly when they aren’t expending as much energy on leaf development.  So in Florida that is in the winter months; hence the reason for a …

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Consider a Native Evergreen This Christmas

Throughout history the evergreen tree has been a symbol of life. “Not only green when summer’s here, but also when it’s cold and dreary” as the Christmas carol “O Tannenbaum” says.  While supporting the cut Christmas tree industry does create jobs and puts money into local economics, every few years consider adding to the urban …

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Native Plants and Wildlife

According to the Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants, there are more than 4,200 plant species naturally occurring in the state.  Nearly 3,000 are considered native.  The Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) defines native plants as “those species occurring within the state boundaries prior to European contact, according to the best available scientific and historical documentation.”  …

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Do Your Part to Stop the Spread

With all the news about the Zika virus spread in Florida, now is the time to start thinking about mosquito protection. As the weather warms, they will be hatching.  Check out where the water is collecting in your yard.  The female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes lay their eggs in temporary flood water pools; even very small …

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NISAW 2016 – Air Potato Leaf Beetle, a Biological Control for Air Potato

Air potato (Dioscores bulbifera) is a perennial, herbaceous self-twining vine that can grow over 60 feet in length, enabling it to climb over and smother many native plants. The Florida Exotic Plant Pest Council (FLEPPC) lists air potato as a Category 1 invasive plant, which means that it has disrupted natural communities and ecological functions …

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Arbor Day in Florida

The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is for Arbor Day.  Florida recognizes the event on the third Friday in January, but planting any time before spring will establish a tree quickly.   Arbor Day is an annual observance that celebrates the role of trees in our …

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